ANYFIVE has provided a range of solutions and services to our domestic and foreign advanced customers and has proved their effects; and we are providing solutions that can be adopted more easily by more customers, by combining our accumulated advanced technology competence and our business process knowhow.
DAVINCI Corporate valuation model
Check the value of privately held companies evaluated by AI on You can discover companies to invest in and trade stocks.
  • Overview

    Corporate evaluation and transaction support services are designed based on AI.
  • Function

    DAVINCI 서비스 구성도
    • - Our patent evaluation model learned 790,000 patent information.
    • - Social evaluation of 26,000 companies is conducted based on 1.34 million company news
    • - Provides financial evaluation and business capability evaluation of companies
    • - Total valuation score relative to the estimated market capitalization of unlisted companies
    • - Investors Community / Arrangement of Stock Transactions for Unlisted Companies
  • Effect

    • - Patent Cleansing
    • - Venture Capitalist Deal Sourcing
    • - Search target companies for investment & excavation
    • - Competitor search and inquiry Computer assisted-Translation Service
This platform is an integrated service where translation PMs, translators, and reviewers translate and review AI-based online.
  • Overview

    AI based translation service
  • Function 서비스 구성도
    • - Translation AI specialized in patent and legal fields
    • - Through the inspection function, you can find incorrectly translated sentences.
    • - Function to check by comparing with the glossary
    • - Collaboration function between team members
    • - Task division function by sentence unit
    • - Memory support for translation
  • Effect

    • - Able to translate a large amount of professional data on time
    • - Check the progress of translation work in real time
    • - Collaboration among team members is possible through a clear separation of duties.
ANYFAST Data Visualization Solution
It combines enterprise data with personal data and departmental data on a verified data analysis platform, enabling one-click analysis, insight exploration, and the minimization of decision-making cycle time.
  • Overview

    Visualization takes the important role in all the processes of data collection, refining, analysis, and sharing, beyond the intuitive display of the results of big data analysis. The solution provides the process for the visual representation and delivery of data analysis results for easy understanding. It supports the intuitive understanding of what data implies, thereby enabling prompt situation judgment, analysis, and prediction. The visualization of big data reveals patterns hidden in disordered data, and can contributes to the prediction of future.
  • Function

    ANYFAST 서비스 구성도
    • - It can carry out analysis after joining n datasets with no support of a separate solution.
    • - Drill-down among multiple datasets is supported.
    • - It is possible to add a respective filter to each dimension.
    • - Two functions of the server query mode and the client operating mode (stand-alone function)
    • - The function of user-defined GroupData. For example, grouping of Fri + Sat + Sun = “Weekend”
    • - Prediction simulation using the function of what-if
    • - Setting the conditions of dataset inclusion and exclusion by clicking only
    • - User-defined computed field
    • - Simultaneous analysis of composite dataset through WorkBoard that combines heterogeneous DB
    • - Supporting the easy drill function by one click
    • - Composition of easy WYSIWYG dashboard through drag & drop
  • Effect

    • - Ad-hoc Query: decision support by quick response to unstructured query
    • - Large Data: large data handling made easy
      • ① Fast implementation: The analysis of data in a desired form is possible as soon as AnyFast is introduced.
      • ② Easy to Use: The end user can use AnyFast easily by clicking only after a minimum education.
    • - Powerful: The user can directly load and analyze various data.
    • - Flexible: The analysis and query of data in the forms of dimension and measure are carried out.
    • - Integrated: Enterprise data is collected within a single architecture by a single solution, and dashboard report and analysis are carried out.
    • - Cost: It is implemented and used within a short time, and the returns on investment are quickly reaped.
    • - R Support: A frequently used package among thousands of R packages can be embedded.
A-Brain Part Discontinuation Prediction Platform / 부품 단종 예측 솔루션
It provides the function of proactive risk management by continuously monitoring part discontinuance or lifecycle, providing information about replacement parts, and employing web visualization tools for big data analysis.
  • Overview

    It prevents part discontinuance in advance by continuously monitoring its lifecycle, and maintains product quality and functions and the plans of part deterioration in a balanced way, thereby contributing to the improvement of productivity.
  • Function

    It provides integrated services for part management, such as Search, Part Manage, BOM Manage, Alert, Report, and Analysis. A-Brain 서비스 구성도
  • Effect

    It can reduce cost by predicting discontinuance and lifecycle and providing information about replacement products through periodic update, and maximize asset management efficiency through part risk analysis.

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