ANYFIVE has provided a range of solutions and services to our domestic and foreign advanced customers and has proved their effects; and we are providing solutions that can be adopted more easily by more customers, by combining our accumulated advanced technology competence and our business process knowhow.
According to the idea of “All business system should ultimately be capable of providing insight to support decision-making,” ANYFIVE IP-R&D solutions have been designed so that organic linkage between products may be possible, with focus being put on the association between IP-R&D business process and data on the basis of a standardized development framework.
Solution & Service
  • R&D Products

    • R-Brain(Institute only ERP)
    • E-Brain (PMS Product)
    • SmartLAB(ELN)
  • IP Products

    • IP-Brain(IP Total Mgnt.)
    • SmartTM(Trademark Mgnt.)
    • T-Brain(Technolgoy Commercialization)
    • P-Brain(Competitor Patent Analysis & Risk Mgnt.)
    • IPAMS (Patent attorney’s office System)
  • BigData/AI Products

    • ANYFAST(Data visualization solution)
    • A-Brain(Part Discontinuation Prediction Platform)
Besides the representative products of ‘E-Brain,’ an R&D project management solution, and ‘IP-Brain,’ an IP integrated management solution, products specialized in IP-R&D continue to be researched and developed, such as ‘SmartTM,’ specialized in trademark management, ‘A-Brain,’ a part management/part life cycle prediction solution based on big data/AI, and ‘ANYFAST,’ a data visualization solution.

Anti-Email Collection

For privacy reasons, ANYFIVE does not allow unauthorized collections of e-mail addresses posted on this website. This includes means of electronic mail collection software or other technical ways.
Please be advised that violations of this policy will be subject to criminal persecution under the Information and Communication Network Act.