ANYFIVE’s IP-R&D service platform provides integrated IP services. It is a service platform that combines data, experts, and solutions by utilizing innovative IT technologies such as AI / Blockchain-based IP trade, IP analysis/valuation, cloud-based IP solution, and integrated outsourcing service through various experts related to IP-R&D. We are leading the innovation of customer value and IP business.
Patent Analysis and Evaluation System

SMART5 is an online patent evaluation system to construct and analyze patent portfolios through objective and quantitative patent data.

  • Fuction

    • - Evaluate Korean, American, Japanese, European, and Chinese patents in 1 minute
    • - Patent maintenance and use as a tool to quickly and objectively measure patent quality for patent screening subject to waiver
    • - Support for core patent screening experts, since it is difficult to select a small number of key patents from a large number of patents, SMART5 is used to select high-value patents as core patents for preliminary filtering of qualitative analysis by experts.
  • Configuration Diagram

    SMART5 Configuration Diagram
  • Core Services

    Promotion international competitiveness and economic development through technological innovation in the industrial field by systematically and efficiently implementing invention promotion projects SMART5 Core Services
  • Applications

    SMART5 Applications:Patent Strategy Establishment, Measuring patent competitiveness, Early Screening of Bulk Patents, Patent discovery for transfer
    Patent Strategy Establishment
    • - Establishment of patent portfolio and R&D strategy in line with business strategy
    • - Through the discovery of competitiveness, competitors, and potential consumers of patents
    • - Patent strategy establishment support

    Measuring patent competitiveness
    • - Support investors' investment decisions by providing corporate patent competitiveness analysis information

    Early Screening of Bulk Patents
    • - Efficiently support patent management decisions such as patent maintenance/waiver
    • - Establishment of a fair value evaluation basis for patents

    Patent discovery for transfer
    • - Selection of patents subject to transfer by universities, public (federal) and companies
    • - Select excellent patents needed by consumers and support technology transfer and commercialization

  • Major Organizations

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