ANYFIVE’s IP-R&D service platform provides integrated IP services. It is a service platform that combines data, experts, and solutions by utilizing innovative IT technologies such as AI / Blockchain-based IP trade, IP analysis/valuation, cloud-based IP solution, and integrated outsourcing service through various experts related to IP-R&D. We are leading the innovation of customer value and IP business.
IP Outsourcing Service 밑줄
Consulting Expert Pool Service

ANYFIVE is constructing a pool of experts having diverse business experiences in the area of IP-R&D. It provides effective support for a range of consulting needs such as IP-R&D-related corporate IP strategy formulation/technology evaluation/R&D support, using the specialized competencies of its verified expert network and the diverse services of the platform.

  • Service areas of expert pool

    support for the settlement of R&D problems, search/analysis, technology trading brokerage, IP-R&D education, etc. IP-R&D 문제해결 컨설팅 Process예시, K-Brain서비스
IP Landscape Technology search/analysis services

The technology search/analysis services are core services that support the whole lifecycle of IP including patent application, dispute, monetization, etc. ANYFIVE provides customers with differentiated services in partnership with players in the global market.

  • Patent Validity and Invalidity Search/Analysis

    Prior art search is required under diverse circumstances in IP management. It is used to incapacitate invalidate an opponent’s patent in the event of dispute, or on the contrary to confirm the validity of an owned patent in case of filing litigation. IP Landscape provides the in-depth analysis of major patent claims and features by using global experts with rich experience and using not only patent literature, but also diverse non-patent literature database such as ACM PubMed, Deepdyve, and Google Scholar.
  • Search for Infringing Product

    It is the core portion of patent monetization, in which any product infringing on an owned patent is found out, infringement evidence is secured, or whether matching with standards or not is analyzed. Actually, a large amount of legal fees and time are spent for this in litigation. For this, reverse engineering, software source code analysis, product function testing, etc. are performed to analyze a product, and the evidence of infringement is provided through matching between the product and patent claims. In addition, standard essential patent and claim matching is carried out together with global experts having rich experience of technology-standard matching in communication and codec.
  • Patent and Risky Enterprise Monitoring

    Because of the export-centered characteristics of Korean companies, there is always danger of being sued for patent infringement by an overseas company or an NPE. In addition, technology developed by an overseas competitor can hurt the competitiveness of a Korean company. Therefore, it is important to monitor the activities of the relevant enterprise and risky patents. IP Landscape provides the service of monitoring patents and enterprises on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. From this, it is possible to grasp the status of recent patent application, the status of registered patent expiry, and the status of ownership transfer in risky enterprises. This enables early response to risky patents and helps Korean enterprises formulate R&D strategies.
IP Defense Pool Service of IP defense pool by industry

ANYFIVE constructs the IP Defense Pool in business areas of high IP demand from companies in linkage to the Defense Patent Aggregation of IPwe, a global IP transaction service enterprise, and creates a joint patent guard, thereby supporting companies in the elimination of IP risk.

  • Service Conceptual Diagram

    The service provides IP mining and sourcing/lease in order to support SMEs lacking in capability to cope with patent lawsuits in their effective response such as counter-claim. IP Defense Pool 서비스개념도
IP Outsourcing Total Service

For SMEs of various areas having difficulty in constructing expert IP organizations and selecting and managing excellent patent attorney’s offices according to areas, ANYFIVE provides entrusted IP total management service using its own IP management solutions and network of excellent patent attorney’s offices and experts. From this, customers can save management cost, early secure excellent IP management competence, and further gain a foothold in the construction of their own organizations.

  • Service Conceptual Diagram

    IP Outsourcing 통합서비스
Service Agency Annuity, SMK, Drawings, etc.

Through linkage to the customer patent management system of K-Brain and IP-Brain/IP-Manager, ANYFIVE provides services in linkage with the system and experts, such as annuity management service and the distribution of external trading-desired IP information into the technology market. Diverse services of agency relating to IP-R&D will be developed continuously.

  • Automatic Annuity Payment Service

    in user experience
    patent storage and payment
    Selective portfolio
    management available
    • Transparent charging system and automated quotation
    • Supporting the upload of patent portfolio
    • Blockchain-based transparent payment service not allowing manipulation
    • Payment through integrated system in partnership with national Patent Offices
    • It is allowed to request the selective management of only part of owned patents.
    • The annuity reminder report is provided by means of AI-based Zuse analytic tool.
    • An insurance program against annuity accident is provided.


    • In the case of a country of direct payment to the Patent Office, it is possible to save expenses for a local agent.
    • Services of reminder and annuity insurance by means of AI-based Zuse analytic tool.
    • It is allowed to formulate a flexible cost plan because target patents can be selected individually.
  • Technology Marketing (eSMK) Service

    기술마케팅(eSMK) 서비스
  • Expert Service for Patent Application

    특허출원을 위한 전문가 서비스

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