The ANYFIVE-IPwe platform is an information-expert-solution-combined platform for IP-related total service including IP transaction. The ANYFIVE-IPwe platform provides new IP businesses like financing and insurance, diverse cloud-based IP solutions, and customized expert services as well as traditional IP transaction. The ANYFIVE-IPwe platform will change IP-related businesses drastically, using IT technologies.
Introduction 밑줄
The ANYFIVE-IPwe platform will provide higher customer value as well as the drastic curtailment of trading cost, by providing customized IP-R&D expert pool and services, cloud-based solutions, and IP and trading information refined by global experts and innovative IT technologies including blockchain/AI/cloud.
  • Trading
    • Patent Sale
    • Patent Licensing
    • Patent Financing
    • Patent Annuity
  • Solution
    • IP Management Cloud (IP-Manager)
    • IP Search/Analysis/Evaluation (Zuse)
    • IP Trading Collaboration Portal (Deal Room)
  • Service
    • Consulting (linkage to experts)
    • IP Landscape(Search/Analysis)
    • IP Outsourcing Total Service
    • IP Defense Pool
    • Service Agency (Annuity, SMK, Drawings, etc)

Anti-Email Collection

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Please be advised that violations of this policy will be subject to criminal persecution under the Information and Communication Network Act.