IPR Services

We support consulting, search/analysis, patent application and prosecution management,
response to patent litigation/dispute, technology commercialization, IP evaluation,
and financing-related business, for the exploration, creation and use of intellectual property.

ICT Services

ANYFIVE ICT Service Division is providing total solutions and services for the maximization of
enterprise competitiveness, ranging from IT optimization consulting to ISP & ISMP, EA, PI,
system construction, and the distribution of hardware and software, on the basis of our extensive
expertise developed from our rich experience and knowledge about a range of customer business areas.


Global Tech. Commercialization Market Business Platform Service
People who make the world shine with knowledge and technology

Anti-Email Collection

For privacy reasons, ANYFIVE does not allow unauthorized collections of e-mail addresses posted on this website. This includes means of electronic mail collection software or other technical ways.
Please be advised that violations of this policy will be subject to criminal persecution under the Information and Communication Network Act.