Vision 밑줄
ANYFIVE is the global company that provides service platform & various solutions for discovery-management-commercialization of future technology and intellectual property. It is forecast that the 21st century will be a period of convergence in which technology and knowledge converge and develop in combination. Particularly, R&D and IPR service technology will be the core to take the lead in changing the global market and creating the future at the center of all industries. On the basis of its accumulated IPR service competencies, ANYFIVE provides diverse solutions for customers’ successful businesses in keeping with the period of intelligent IRP convergence businesses.
World Premier IPR Service Provider
Corporate Identity 밑줄
Items specified here are important factors that are directly linked to the corporate image and brand equity of ANYFIVE. Each item should be applied in strict compliance with detailed specification according to each medium, and may not be used with arbitrary alteration or modification.
Basic Logo
The basic logo of ANYFIVE represents the promise of ANYFIVE’s all directors and employees to provide the best service, considering customers their top priority. The blue color and bold typeface of ANYFIVE deliver directly ANYFIVE’s image of intellect, dignity, and trustworthiness.
ANYFIVE basic logo
Slogan Combination
ANYFIVE slogan combination is needed in case of using the ANYFIVE logo and a sub-category brand name in combination, and careful attention is required in their utilization and management because they take the key role in delivering the image of ANYFIVE inside and outside. The basic type should be used primarily, and the next-best use type may be used according to applications.
ANYFIVE Slogan Combination
Logo Korean
The Logo Korean is a logo with a Korean logotype combined above or below, and is used in cases where Korean must be used. The use and management of Logo Korean requires meticulous care, and the position and proportion of each element should be observed.
ANYFIVE logo korean
Meaning of CI
It implicit the commitment of our all executives and employees to the delivery of the best service for customers in top priority.
AnyTime(언제)-AnyWhere(어디서든)-AnyThing(어떤 어려운 일이라도)-AnyOne(어느 고객에게나)-AnyWay(최선의 방법으로)

Anti-Email Collection

For privacy reasons, ANYFIVE does not allow unauthorized collections of e-mail addresses posted on this website. This includes means of electronic mail collection software or other technical ways.
Please be advised that violations of this policy will be subject to criminal persecution under the Information and Communication Network Act.