History 밑줄
  • 2021 AI based IP and Corporation Valuation Model Development(DAVINCI)
    KIST K-Club Family Company
  • 2020 Annuity Management Service Partnership with ANAQUA
    Development of Standardized ANYFIVE Framework
    AI based BigData Visualization Solution Development(ANYFAST)
    ICT Business Registration (TTA)
  • 2019
    2019 Partnership with BVC Korea for corporate valuation business
    Partnership with IPPH for KOR-CHINA Technology Transaction Platform
    2019 KINPA Annual IP Conference participation
    2019 CIPAC China IP Conference participation
    ANYFIVE-IPwe Technology Trading Platform Agreement
    Blockchain and AI-based Technology Trading International Conference held
    Hi Seoul Brand (ANYFIVE solutions) selected
    IP Total Outsourcing Company declared
  • 2018
    2018 IP R&D Business Integration Platform released
    Naver / IBM Mutual Growth Partnership agreement
    Grand Prize in "Intellectual Property Service Division"
    Military Service Exemption Company as Attached Research Institute designated
    Software quality certification (GS certification)
    Management Innovative SME Certification (MAINBiz)
    2018 KINPA Annual Intellectual Property Conference participated
    Family-friendly Certification company selected
    Commendation of Technology Innovation by the Minister of Small Business
  • 2017
    2017 IBM Data Center Service Partner selected
    Big Data R&D Center established
    International Patent Information Conference (PATINEX 2017) participated
    PLM Service Platform Collaboration
    Service Industry Merit Award (CEO)
    A-Brain Predictive Management Solution for Discontinued Parts released
  • 2016
    2016 Global Edition of IP Total Management Solution released
    R&D Innovation Service Business Agreement (with US IHS)
    IP Management Cloud Service launched
    Patent Office Management Solution released
  • 2015
    2015 Commendation for Intellectual Property Service (IP Leaders Forum)
    Global IPR Service Business Agreement (with Qusetel, France)
    Electronic Research Note (SmartLab 2.0) released
    Commendation for Knowledge Service Award
    Commendation for Merit of SW industry
  • 2014
    2014 IPR Service Platform Joint Technology Development Agreement (with Seoul National University)
    Best Company to Work selected (Small Business Promotion Agency)
    Commendation for Medium Business Technology Innovation
    ANYFIVE Corporation renamed (ANYFIVE System-> ANYFIVE)
    Patent Analysis Portfolio Solution launched (P-Brain)
  • 2013
    2013 2013 Korea IT Innovation Award (Minister of the Future Creation Science)
    Trademark Management System Launched (SmartTM 2.0)
    IP Total Management System (IP-Brain 1.0) released
    Selected as a member of K-Club of Korea Institute of Science and Technology
    2013 Company Want to Work selected (Innobiz Association)
  • 2012~2011 2012 Korea Venture Grand Prize awarded (Small and Medium Business Administration commendation)
    Best Company to Work selected (Small Business Promotion Corporation)
    Grand S/W Grand Prize awarded (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
    Electronic Research Note Solution launched (SmartLab v1.2)
    Project of Global Integrated Management for Samsung Electronics Intellectual Property Rights obtained
    IPR Integrated Portfolio Solution launched (IPIMS v3.2)
    Integrated Management Solution launched (eBrain v2.0)
    Integration of National Technology Exchange (six domestic and overseas institutions, KIAT)
    Technology Commercialization Solution launched (T-Brain 1.5)
    Dissemination of Achievement Award (Commissioner Prize of the Korean Intellectual Property Office)
  • 2010~2009 Development of Patent Technology Market (IP-MART)
    Dissemination of Standards Solution for SMEs IPR (Korean Intellectual Property Office)
    Winner of 2010 Venture Company Award (Minister of Knowledge Economy)
    ANYFIVE Daejeon Branch established (Daedeok Innopolis Technology Center)
    Electronic Research Note solution launched (SMARTM 2.0)
    Establishment of National Technology Information Network Commercialization Infrastructure (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
    International Patent Information Conference participated (PATINEX 2009)
  • 2008
    2008~2007 New Leading Business Company selected, Ministry of Knowledge Economy
    Web Standard Framework for Solution developed (Anyworks)
    IPR Search & Analysis Engine (ThinkRIP)
    Intellectual Property Service Company registered
    Certification for INNOBIZ Company (Small and Medium Business Administration)
    S/W Business Company registered
    Standard Solution of Intellectual Property Management for universities (Korean Intellectual Property Office)
    Korean Prospective Company awarded (Herald Economy)
  • 2006
    2006~2003 Software Company Notification registered
    Innobiz company certification obtained (Small and Medium Business Administration)
    Intellectual Property Management System launched (IPIMS 1.0)
    Project Management Solution launched (E-Brain 1.0)
    Annex Research Institute establishment
    Korean Venture Business registered
    Foundation (Feb. 25, 2003)

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