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애니파이브 CEO
  • We will jump up to be a world premier IPR service company, with creative and challenging spirit. As the world transfers quickly to knowledge-based society, rapid changes in environment we have never experienced are in progress. Knowledge management has become the source of competitiveness that controls the survival and growth of nations and enterprises. Hence, IP-R&D-based business and service activities have become the most important sectors.
  • Since its foundation in 2003, ANYFIVE has endeavored to secure IPR industry competitiveness in the global market as well as the domestic market, on the basis its ICT technology, expertise, and rich experience in the area of R&D and intellectual property service. Further, ANYFIVE is taking the leading role in a range of business domains such as consulting about overall IP-R&D ranging from the exploration, creation, management and use of technologies to their commercialization; the introduction and construction of solutions; the search and analysis of database; and technology transfer, sale and evaluation. We promise that we will jump up to be a global IPR service company based on a creative and practical challenging spirit that considers the customer value creation our top priority in keeping with new changes in a period of knowledge service, on the basis of the verified excellence of our technologies.
  • Please watch ANYFIVE’s new changes and challenges.
    Thank you.

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