At a Glance 밑줄
ANYFIVE provides IP-R&D (intellectual property-R&D) solutions and ICT services for research institutes and enterprises in the field of Intellectual Property. We are Korea’s No. 1 R&D-IP service company specializing in consulting, research management (PLM/PMS), IPR management (patent/trademark/design/legal service/technology commercialization), IPR service platform, IPR biz portfolio, ICT service, and engineering convergence service, on the basis of experts and technologies in every industrial category.
Service 밑줄
ANYFIVE provides end-to-end service to increase the value of R&D and intellectual property for enterprise.
Smart Consulting
We deliver consulting services for your business renovation and solution introduction.

IP·R&D Consulting

  • Business Process
  • Solution, Service Platform
  • Database

ICT Consulting

  • Business Process
  • Solution, Service Platform
  • IT Convergence

ELN Consulting

  • Business Process
  • Solution, Service Platform
  • ELN Policy
IP Business Service
We support the customer's business success through the stable and customized services over the entire Intellectual Property and R&D fields.

IP Business Total Service

  • Intellectual Property
  • Search & Analysis
  • Technology & Business

IP Cloud Service

  • IP Cloud Service
  • Technology Commercialization
  • Technology Transaction

IP Big Data Service

  • IP DB Service
  • Technology Information
R&D Business Service
We create new values through the IT convergence with R&D technology and business.

e-R&D Service

  • Solution Integration
  • User Interface
  • Big Data Service

Laboratory Engineering

  • Laboratory Automation
  • Data Analysis
  • Simulation

Electronic Laboratory Note

  • Document Editor
  • Research Note Management
  • Electronic Note Notarization
ICT/IOT/Cloud/DELL Service
We offer the optimal ICT services that supports your business efficiency improvement.

Cloud Service

  • IPR Data Storage
  • SaaS (IP-Manager)
  • Cloud Infra

ICT Service

  • ICT / IOT / BPO
  • IT Outsourcing
  • H/W, S/W

DELL Service

  • DELL Server
  • DELL Workstation
Key Technologies & Methodologies
We provide the stable services with IT based skills in various fields.

BPM Engine

  • Anyworks
    (Business Process Management Engine)

Platform Engine

  • AnyWizard
    (Platform engine for automated S/W development)
  • K-Brain
    (IPR Business Platform Engine)

Development Tools

  • AnyBuilder
    (Integrated Development Tool)
  • AnyFramework
    (Development Framework Engine)


  • ACM
    (Anyfive Consulting Methodology)
  • APM
    (Anyfive Project Management Methodology)
  • AWM
    (Anyfive Web-based Development Methodology)
Alliances & Partners 밑줄
ANYFIVE has a strong partnership eco-system with global partners. Synergy between our technology and business capabilities and our partners’ state-of-the-art technologies provides the best solutions to our customers.
  • IPwe
  • LG CNS
  • IBM
  • 다이퀘스트
  • SK C&C

Anti-Email Collection

For privacy reasons, ANYFIVE does not allow unauthorized collections of e-mail addresses posted on this website. This includes means of electronic mail collection software or other technical ways.
Please be advised that violations of this policy will be subject to criminal persecution under the Information and Communication Network Act.