Consulting 밑줄
Consulting is the service to suggest the optimum solution by analyzing a customer’s pending knowledge management problem on the basis of our ICT knowledge and expertise in IP and R&D industry. ANYFIVE maximizes R&D and knowledge management performance by leading the innovation of IP and R&D business by means of our standardized methodology and IPR expertise accumulated from years of experience. ANYFIVE provides services to maximize the creation of the customer’s R&D outcome, through business consulting that supports the customer’s strategy formulation from the ideation stage to the stages of product development, market development, and commercialization; through solution consulting that leads the customer’s business innovation, using solutions such as IP, PMS, ELN, etc.; and through IPR convergence consulting that supports business convergence, analysis and prediction, modeling, and optimization on the basis of process and data.
Consulting,Business Consulting 유망기술발굴, 제품및 시장개발 사업화 전략수립을 통해 고객의 새로운가치를 창출합니다. Solution Consulting,IPR 기반의 솔루션 도입계획 수립 및 구축지원,IPR Convergence,프로레스 및 데이터기반의 비즈니스융합 및 분석을 통해 R&D성과 창출극대화지원
Business Consulting

(Find Technology)

  • Technology industry/market research
  • Ideation
  • Technology/competitiveness mapping
  • Application selection
  • Investigation of potential
  • Technology search/external investment

Market Development
(Sustain Competitive Advantage)

  • Information on competition
  • Benchmark
  • Cross-licensing
  • IP strengthening/defense

Product Development
(Mitigate Risks)

  • Product inspection/FTO analysis

Asset Monetization
(Maximize Profit)

  • Portfolio arrangement
  • Technology transfer
  • Asset sale and disposition
  • License out
Solution Consulting
  • R&D (Research & Development)

    Service to redesign the overall research management business process of planning, plan, progress, completion, production, and marketing stages, and to construct the enterprise system of project integrated management/performance/evaluation/technology commercialization, using suitable R&D integrated management solutions.
  • IP (Intellectual Property)

    Service to redesign the overall IPR business process of creation/management/commercialization strategy formulation, patent application, progress, and follow-up technology commercialization stages, and to construct the enterprise system of IPR search/analysis/integrated management, using suitable IPR management solutions.
  • ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook)

    Service to redesign the overall business process of ELN preparation, registration, notarization, privilege management, and sharing stages, and to construct and educate ELN system, using suitable ELN management solutions.
IPR Convergence Consulting
Service to improve businesses through business process redesign that combines IPR business and IT technology on the basis of R&D-IP process and data; to maximize the effects of increase in R&D productivity through system construction; and to support the creation of new businesses.

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